Cartonage y algo más.Segunda parte

Ya puedes ver el interior de este album de Navidad en Alterado. El resto de las páginas estarán en una tercera parte.
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡FELIZ DIA DE AÑO VIEJO!!!!!!!.En casa es costumbre que los pajes de sus majestades los Reyes Magos de Oriente, dejen algunos regalos para los más pequeños. Así que seguro que pasarán la noche impacientes mirando por una ventana o por otra y pillarlos in fraganti. Pero claro, son tan rápidos que nunca hemos tenido la suerte de verlos. ¿ Los descubriremos esta noche?

¿Qué empezarás el Día de Año Nuevo ?

Hace tiempo que observé cómo bastantes bordadoras, sobre todo americanas, tienen cierto ritual el primer día del Año. Y es que ese día que se abre con nuevas expectativas para un año de sorpresas, suele empezarse una labor a la que se le tiene capricho y de la que se ha estado preparando material durante algunas semanas antes, para tenerlo listo justo ese día.
Si hay algo seguro, es que el 2008 será para mí , entre muchíiiiiiisimas cosas más, el año de terminar trabajos que tengo empezados. Sí , sí, después de un concienzudo exámen de conciencia , prometeré terminar no sólo bordados sino algún trabajo de patch que todavía está por montar.

¿ Y yo qué haré ? Me encataría empezar uno de los preciosos Blackbird. Les tengo ganas. Hay alguno que no tiene mucho bordado . Ya veremos. Quizá no sean exáctamente los mismos hilos o la misma tela . Me gusta ir dando salida a lo que ya tengo e incluso hacer alguna variación .
¿ Y tú ? ¿ Algo especial en lo que relajarte la mañana de Año Nuevo , o quizá la tarde ?

Mas regalos navideños

Hace unos días me di cuenta de que no había mencionado nada del regalo que me hizo Nivaira en nuestra visita a Barcelona , con motivo de la feria de Creativa , que ya va quedando lejos pero muy cerca en el recuerdo por lo estupendo que lo pasamos y la gente que personalmente conocí. Ella ya había lo había comentado en uno de sus artículos , pero no quería dejar pasar mi agradecimiento por este super árbol , que hace juego con la corona del año pasado , y que pesa un montón de lo apretadito que está de guata .

Por mi parte le ofrecí un guardatijeras bordado con hilo de seda de Needlepoint y Thread Gathered con una hebra sobre un hilo del lino tintado de Silkweaver , en el color Heritage y con un 28 ct.El modelo es un freebie de Textile Collection , que tenía hacía tiempo.

La idea la tomé de Nataliejo que también lo hizo como regalo, en otro modelo bordado.


Estos son detalles del accesorio en cuestión.

Detalles de guardatijeras
Auque no tomé medidas ,podéis hacerlos una idea comparando su tamaño con las tijeras que coloqué en las fotos.
Bordar sobre 1 con una hebra tiene sus compensaciones y no está mal de vez cuando volver a repetir la experiencia.

Interview: Mimmi O'Connell

A few weeks ago, I wrote (see here) about a favorite designer of mine, Mimmi O'Connell. Working out of England, she has a very distinct decorating style whose appeal transcends across the globe. Her "look" consists of the use of casual fabrics such as mattress ticking, lots of black iron furniture, accents of Oriental antiques, visual symmetry, a strong contrast between light and dark, and a sense of sophistication that comes from the unusual rather than the expected. She is a master at using texture in her designs. Her accessorizing plays an important part: sparse, large pieces are spotlighted. She has a penchant for four poster beds piled high with down pillows and snow white sheets of expensive high thread count. Mimmi was a pioneer of what is called fusion design - eastern and western combined, antique furniture mixed with bamboo blinds, seagrass matting used with fine blue and white porcelains. She fueled her designs with Oriental imports she bought for her famous store: Port of Call. That name, alone, conjures up visions of red lacquered boxes, baskets large enough to use as coffee tables, iron lanterns burning spiced candles, and bamboo furniture placed in a living room instead of a garden room. That's Mimmi.

When I wanted to write about Ms. O'Connell, I had trouble finding images or even information online. I finally stumbled onto her web site by going on Google, not the google-based AOL search. Thrilled to find her web site filled with pictures of her work, I posted a story about her which enlisted a large commentary from readers who had never heard of her work, but who knew her look and loved it. The response was overwhelmingly positive. So, imagine how thrilled I was to hear from Ms. O'Connell herself! She was gracious and full of thanks for the mention. She agreed to an interview and even sent me a list of what is vital to her designs. Also, she offered up the web site for her Italian home, which is available for rent. What better way to spend a vacation than in a home designed by the incomparable Mimmi O'Connell. All photos here are of her Tuscan villa, formerly a schoolhouse totally renovated by Ms. O'Connell.

A guest room in Italy: the ticking, the iron bed, the oriental chairs, the symmetry, the contrast: Mimmi!

1. Ms. O'Connell - tell us something about your background - where you were born, where you grew up, where you went to school?

I was born in Torino, Italy, grew up in Switzerland and Buenos Aires (Argentina) and I hold a Swiss passport. I went to Geneva University reading Political Sciences. I took Art courses at Sorbonne University in Paris (France), Perugia (Italy) and Sotheby's in London.

2. How did you get started in the design business?

To make my Bank Manager happy! - I was always short of money. I showed a certain talent doing up my houses and people used to say: you should do this professionally and get paid! I've always been very disciplined, blessed with extraordinary energy and loved, loved dearly what became my profession! Designing houses is not puffing up cushions!! You have to visualize finished rooms, be patient with workers and clients and keep in mind that you are a service, not a star. Humility and a sense of humor have helped a lot along these years!! I looked at houses, palaces, cathedrals, farms all my life, wherever I've been visiting. Places have inspired me and traveling has helped a lot.

3. Who are those in the business that inspired you early in your career?

Pauline Rothschild, the American wife of Philip Rothschild, had the best taste I can remember. All the grand houses in England and Ireland with fabulous furniture, never pompous and then the Far East: China with the purity of the Ming style, the beginning of minimalism. Always Bali, from the magic of the island 30 years ago with the perfection of their bamboo houses to the sophistication and today's grandeur of the Aman Resorts: the huge hall of the Amanusa with scented baskets of tuberose flowers and the impeccable, exquisite style of the Amankila, the best hotel on a beach I have ever seen.

4. Tell us about your company Port of Call! What gave you the idea to import oriental furniture? What were the obstacles, what were the successes?

I lived and worked in Hong Kong in the '90s for 2 years and, when I came back to London, I started Port of Call. (note: the company Port of Call was started in 1975, the gallery opened in 1994) That was the beginning. The shop was pretty, different and people liked it. I did not realize I was starting a serious trend!! Port of Call has been a very successful shop and a very successful company, sophisticated, yet simple and the eclectic mixture of furniture did and does work very well! There have been no obstacles, just a lot of people copying, taking and making my ideas more commercial along these years. I sold Port of Call gallery and company in 2006. I go on working as a Design Consultant and I am very busy.

5. You have such a wonderful and defined design sensibility. Your choices of fabrics, your use of antiques and iron furniture, the oriental accents --- did you always favor interiors with these elements?

I always loved fabrics, textures and red color. There are a hundred shades of white and a hundred shades of red to choose from if you want to be difficult. Gray and black are divine only when their quality is perfect. I love velvet silks and Fortuny fabrics from Venice, French silks from Lyon, marvelous embroidered Ottoman textiles, Irish linen. I am, sometimes, extravagant in the lining. I want the inside as chic and precious as the cover. That is why I use the striped cottons a lot. I never, never use lining as such. Iron furniture taste comes from my childhood in the Italian countryside. We always slept in fabulous iron beds. I love them, you can dress them up or leave just the frames. They are chic to die for!!

6. What do you think of the younger generation turning to mid century modern design and retro?

A lot of people are turning to mid century design, but it is not my idea of simple luxury!! There is an incredible freedom of choices in today's design.

7. After great success in Europe and England, do you care about conquering America too?

I always loved U.S.A.! How can you not be overwhelmed by the mineral beauty of New York, by the real perfect deco of South Beach in Miami?, by the chic of your flag?! I loved New Orleans as it was. Your south is divine and you all marvelous people! Of course I would love to work in America!

8. And lastly, what do you see in the future for you and your interior design business?

To be a Consultant to some super projects bringing new ideas and a different soul wherever is requested.

The beautiful, fun loving and energetic designer.

"The World According To Mimmi"

My work is evolving toward a mood “less is more” that is not minimalism but a need for order. I like rhythm in homes and disciplined elegance. Rooms where there is a subtle fragrance of rare sophistication and the arrangements of furnishing is so good to look really casual. I design with the full eclecticism of Oriental, European 18th and 19th century and contemporary furniture in mind, complemented by marvellous soft furnishing.
Mimmi's details:
  • Fireplaces wherever possible with logs in large country baskets.
  • Pure and dramatic benches in precious woods from Northern China to sit on.
  • Candles, candles, candles at night mysterious and sensuous lighting!
  • Oversized tables somewhere full of books or clean, as sculptures.
  • I like bedrooms, with impeccably crisp white linen. Lots of pillows piled up and no bedspreads. They can look sober and innocent! I will always fit double beds in small guest bedrooms. They are comfortable, even when there is little space left for anything else.
  • I like wonderful, simple curtains with tape borders, bias borders, unlined or the most extravagant, rich, voluptuous layers, always spectacular! I like them flirting with light and shadows. Curtains have become a signature in a lot of places I have decorated.
  • Books in large oversized bookshelves along walls.
  • Kitchens that are kitchens, not metallic displays, where it is wonderful to cook and eat casually. Meals should always be a sensuous and fun occasion to gather friends sharing the pleasure of food.
  • Outdoor furniture used indoors: folding old garden chairs that make serious furniture looking bearable and less pompous. Wonderful Javanese teak tables and chairs. They all look good indoors.
  • Flowers: only one colour and really tight together: all red, all purple, all white, all yellow!
  • Fabrics: from crisp linen and cottons to the most extravagant silks from Claremont in London. I buy textiles wherever I travel: batiks in Java, old silks in Bangkok, silk velvets in Venice and in Como, old precious textiles at London specialised fairs. The romance with fabrics and textures has been a long faithful affair throughout my life!

Upholstered twin beds in Italy. Chairs serve as night tables to hold piles of books that Mimmi loves.

The villa in Tuscany with its comfortable and inviting living room filled Mimmi's favorite books, and a basket filled with wood awaiting a fire.

A departure from the iron bed: bamboo. Black and white ticking.

Orange and black guest room in Italy. Mimmi's candles are an important element to her.

The great hall filled with tuberoses at the Bali Hotel: Amanusa. One of Mimmi's favorites.

Mimmi's favorite beach resort: In Bali, the Amankila

Entrance to the bedroom suites at the Amankila.

Cartonage y algo más.Primera parte

Hace una semana que estoy desarrollando este proyecto y que me ha mantenido ocupada la mayor parte de mi tiempo libre. Quería tenerlo preparado para el Día de Navidad pero no fue posible.
En mi otro blog había comentado esta nueva idea que tomé de otra bloggera. Ella hizo un RR con otras dos amigas .... y me gustó tanto que me animé a hacer algo similar.
Se trataba de hacer una caja que albergase un cuaderno con los típicos deseos navideños. En mi caso he hecho un cuaderno de navidad ,que aunque no está terminado lleva bastante adelantado.
Dejaré el interior para otro artículo.
La caja está hecha a medida en cartón pluma y cartón de 2.5mm. He utilizado cola blanca para pegar las telas que son de Shabby Fabrics y pertenecen a una serie de Moda. Este tono azulado con esas rosas me pareció bastante apropiado a los tonos propios del invierno y de las navidades.

En Navidad caja

Sobre la tapa coloqué una estrella de adorno que contré en una tienda de decoración , de la marca SIA.¡ Qué cosas más bonitas hacen para este tiempo! Siempre caigo con algo.
También añadí una tarjeta que preparé previamente. La estrella está pegada con pistola de pegamento caliente.¡ Le viene al pelo !

En Navidad tapa de caja

Para cerrar la caja utilicé una cinta bordada y que luego es utilizada más ancha para el cuaderno . Son de una de las mercerías de Pontejos.

En Navidad lazo

Rodeando tres lados, una puntilla y sobre ella unos madroños. Ultimamente me están dando mucho juego.

En Navidad caja detalle

¿ Ya quieres ver lo que hay dentro ? .........Una preciosidad de album que estoy haciendo con todo cariño.

En Navidad caja abierta

Lo he titulado " En Navidad "......... porque recoge tradiciones, recuerdos , detalles y otras cosas que son tan típicas de esta época.

En Navidad detalle  de portada

En el lateral he anudado un lazo sobre el que hay adornitos , como el ángel ( también de SIA) que lleva cascabeles en los pies y que suenan cada vez que cojo el album.

En Navidad album

.........Y hasta aquí este artículo de hoy. Ten un poquito de paciencia y pronto verás su interior.


Después de una semana sin poder publicar por motivos varios, quería desde esta forma particular,desearos una maravillosa Navidad y que el próximo año podamos celebrarlo con ilusión y ganas de hacer nuevos proyectos.

Muchísimas gracias a todas aquellas que me han enviado su felicitación navideña.

En Navidad

Los detalles y más fotos de este collage - felicitación están en Alterado

Interesante , interesante....

Un artículo rapidito para compartir un enlace muy interesante con tutoriales sobre el tema navideño. Recoge bastantes ideas que se pueden poner en práctica en un ratito. Todavía estas a tiempo si quieres hacer algo nuevo para tu casa , o para regalar, o para aprender o simplemente para divertirte.

Festive Tutorial Roundup

La idea de recoger estos enlaces en su sitio es de Craftapalooza. Si teneis algún tuto que querás enviarle , lo incluirá también.
Es genial encontrar gente que se toma este trabajo para compartirlo con los demás.

PS, revisa su sección de otros tutoriales.
¡ Qué lo disfrutéis! Yo me voy a mi proyecto navideño con el que estoy entusiasmada y del que hablé en uno de los últimos artículos de Alterado

A Collecting Couple

Recently, my sister and her husband moved from a high-rise condo back to a ground level townhouse. They decided they are just too young to live in a high-rise building and they longed for the advantages of a garage, a garden, a neighborhood. Plus, my brother-in-law really missed b-b-qing outside! I was there the other day helping them hang all their paintings. They're pretty settled after just one week, except for the rugs, which had to be cut down to fit the new floor plan. Both of them are die hard collectors - just of very different things. My sister likes to collect antiques, French and English. My brother-in-law likes to collect - well, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves!

My sister and I collect many of the same things, but for some reason, her collections are much better than mine! For instance, I'm very envious of her masonware collection - her pieces are more varied and unique than mine and I love going over to her house to examine her masonware. Since we collect the same things, we've often gone out on the search together, which is great fun. When we were first starting out collecting, we would go to the Round Top Antique Fair twice a year to buy new pieces. On birthdays, we try to gift each other a new piece, if we can find something affordable. Now we both collect on Ebay occasionally, but you have to be very careful. I've been burned a few times when a reproduction was sold to me as an antique. Over the years, we've seen our collections increase in value. For example, a transferware plate used to cost us around $50 or $60, but now we are lucky to find one under $100. Antiques are a great investment, as long as you can find a buyer.

Regarding the interior design of the townhouse, originally my sister hired designer Billy Francis who worked with them on their previous home. Francis, who passed away recently, was a well known Houston designer who eventually moved to NYC to live, though he retained business ties in Texas. He used a color scheme of rusts and blues in various shades. The mark of great design, her upholstery all coordinated throughout the home, allowing them the flexibility to move furniture from one room to another, as needed in the new townhouse. Below are a few pictures of their new townhome with an emphasis on their collections. Enjoy!!

As you enter the townhouse, you get your first glimpse of her wonderful Masonware collection. Here are three jugs in the same pattern and a platter of a different pattern.

The living room with its fabulous antique french screen. We found this at the Mews in Dallas when we were antiquing there many years ago.

One of my favorite pieces of my sister's: an antique French bonnetiere. Here her English pewter collection is on display. Some of these pieces are over two hundred years old.

On the side table next to the sofa, is a collection of mauchlineware boxes - small boxes from Scotland made of wood from plane trees.

Also in the living room, another French antique piece holding her collection of blue and white spongeware - notice the jugs up on top of the buffet.

Going down the center of her Rose Tarlow dining room table are more Masonware jugs - all of various sizes. At dinner parties, she puts matching flower arrangements in each jug.

Against one wall are two buffets holding her magnificant collection of Masonware - ironstone made in England in the Mason factory. Most pieces are from the 19th century.

A close up of my favorite Masonware pattern: yellow scale.

Under a collection of botanicals, more Masonware - Bandana pattern jug in a bowl and large platter.

In the family room, another French buffet displays two collections: blue and white transferware and yellowware.

A closeup of her superb blue and white transferware. Her yellowware isn't too shabby either!

On the shelves, a small sampling of her collection of antique biscuit tins.

In the family room, another biscuit tin rests on her coffee table.

The master bedroom features beautiful Manuel Canovas material. The bed rests under a collection of antique furniture prints.

Master bedroom: A close up of her antique French desk.

Close up of the master bedroom.

Pair of antique French beds in the guest room.

My brother-in-law's office filled with sports memorabilia.

The star of the memorabilia: bobble head dolls from college football teams and favorite baseball teams of his youth. Totally organized in a system only he truly understands, this collection of dolls is priceless. These dolls are original, made of papier mache - not the cheap plastic or wood dolls sold today. Many of these dolls, if not all, are extremely rare - this collection took quite a determination to finish and it still is not complete. He's lacking a few bobble heads that he wants. Despite that, the breadth of this collection is phenomenal. It's a unique collection - few in the country have anything close to rival this.

Close up of the bobble heads - this shelf features baseball teams. Don't they have the cutest expression?

The personality of his collection: on the left, the University of Texas football team. On the right, the University of Oklahoma football team. In between, the symbol of the famous OU-UT rivalry: Big Tex from the Dallas Fairgrounds where the game is played each year.

Mis intercambios con Helena.

No hace mucho tiempo que Helena se decidió a escribirme. Comparte las mismas aficiones que yo, punto de cruz, patch y también scrap. Qué sean las tres cosas es realmente una coincidencia. Encima es una mamá trabajadora con niños pequeños , otra coincidencia que nos hace comprendernos mejor....... querer hacer más de lo que el tiempo nos deja...... y esas cosas.

Si no me equivoco, ella no realiza intercambios de material o trabajos y por eso me hizo esta propuesta que acepté gustosamente. Tras un acuerdo, hemos ido combinando un mes u otro. Esta vez le comenté la idea de hacer una cosa como regalo navideño. Estas fechas se prestan mucho y además puede servir para nuestra decoración festiva.
El caso es que , aunque habíamos acordado hacer una cosilla , ella me ha obsequiado con unos regalos preciosos ¡ todos hechos por ella misma!
Con su consentimiento os las enseño porque desde luego creo que ha pasado siete pueblos.

Este sampler es una adaptación de Celtic Christmas de Lavender. Ha sido la primera vez que ha bordado en lino y también usado el hilo dorado. ¡ OOOOlé ! ¿ No ha quedado divino? A mí me encanta.Por cierto, el revés impecable.También me ha enviado una vela con olor que decorará mi rincón navideño.

En patch me ha regalado este simpátiquísimo Papá Noel para colgarlo de la puerta.

Decoró esta caja en decoupage con mi inicial y unas monísimas niñas y otros adornitos ,muy de mi estilo. Por eso me ha gustado un montón.

¿ Queréis ver cómo es por dentro y la sorpresa que hay ?

Unos preciosos pendientes en Svaroski en color rojo , también salidos de sus manitas.
Helena dice que me ha utilizado de conejillo de indias, cosa que no me ha importado absolutamente nada. Menudo conejillo con estas cosas tan bonitas. Es más me alegra , al menos, conseguir que alguien se anime a hacer algo nuevo.

Muchísimas graciasLos Reyes Magos tendrán que dejar algo para tí en unos zapatos extra que tendré que poner.

Este ha sido el album que yo le he enviado junto con algunas telillas .
En él puedes retener aquellos recuerdos más significativos, bien en fotos o en comentarios.

Tiene seis hojas incluyendo la portada y contraportada. Están decoradas por ambos lados con diferentes técnicas.

Album recuerdos abierto

Album recuerdos detrás

Ha sido divertido " jugar " con estos papeles ideando cómo hacer cada hoja y reconozco que me ha sido difícil desprenderme de él, pero me alegra que le haya gustado a su destinataria y espero que no le dé pena ni miedo utilizarlo, como dice .Las cosas son para usarlas.
Como no tiene blog , os enseñaré en alguna otra ocasión otros intercambios que nos hagamos.