Celebrity Photography by Theo Wenner

Theo Wenner

Chalk it up to nepotism, cost cutting or just good genes, but aspiring photographer Theo Wenner, son of Jann, is getting a lot of work from Rolling Stone these days. In recent months, the 23-year-old has photographed Ke$ha, MGMT and Corinne Bailey Rae for the biweekly.

Wenner is a familiar face at the magazine: he interned in the photo department over the summer of 2006, and got his big break two years later when he was commissioned to shoot Robert Pattinson for the 2008 Hot List issue. (Notably, he’s gotten quite a bit of mileage out of the series - last summer, Us Weekly, another Wenner Media property, devoted several pages to “never-before-seen” photos from the shoot, and some of his Pattinson pics have appeared, presumably through syndication agreements, in issues of Dossier magazine and Swedish Elle.) Asked about Wenner’s contributions, Rolling Stone’s creative director, Jodi Peckman, told WWD: “Theo gives a fresh, new perspective to the pages of the magazine. He displays confidence, style and a great knowledge and appreciation of photography in all its forms.”

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