High Point 2011: Century Furniture

One of the best parts of High Point Market is seeing how each showroom interprets the season.  Century Furniture also embraced spring in the their main lobby.  It was inspired by the botanical fern print on the sofa above and grew into "a full blown garden" complete with a fountain.  I absolutely fell in love with the covered outdoor chaise below and can't wait to have a terrace so I can order it.  Keep in mind that this is only one part of their huge showroom and it's amazing how much work goes into putting everything together for High Point.  

I always worry about posting too much about one topic or trip but I think there is so much to take away from High Point that I think you will enjoy it.  Even if you think you have no interest in High Point or aren't in the market for new furniture, you can always be inspired by the showrooms.  The room vignettes rival the best I've seen in magazines and I'm always seeing styling ideas to use in my own projects.  There are always great colors too like the blue inside the Hickory Chair cabinet (you could do that yourself) and the green chair at Bunny Williams.  I saw a lot of stripes at Century Furniture and it made me want to come home and paint my walls in stripes or upholster my sofa in stripes.  I hope you will find lots to be inspired by too!

Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic