High Point Spring 2011: BeeLine Home

I took over 700 photos at High Point Market and wasn't quite sure where to begin.  So I decided to start with the smallest but chicest showroom, BeeLine Home by Bunny Williams.  Unlike many furniture shows, most of the exhibitors at High Point have permanent showrooms.  That means they have real walls in which to create a gorgeous backdrop to their fabulous furniture and accessories.  In Bunny's case, she decided to bring the outdoors in by blowing up a photograph of a hedgerow and having it made into wallpaper.  The green was so so refreshing and of course, a compliment to the spring temperatures in High Point.  Actually, it felt a little more like summer at 80 degrees but I certainly wasn't complaining!  All of the mirrors in the first room brought in even more light and the comfy upholstery and drinks cabinet in the second room made you want to stay there all day. I am especially excited that Bunny is carrying a reproduction of Albert Hadley's famous etegere and I completely feel in love with the green leather upholstered Star Chair.  Just another example of green is good!

Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic