Home Office Organization and Storage Tips

I can be more productive in the day, if my home office is organized. Here are a few tips to ensure that your work space stays de-cluttered for you.
Art Studio/ Work space
The more shelves and cabinet drawers you have, the better chance your office will be organized. My rule I practice daily is "Everything has a certain place."
At the end of each work day, be sure to put all items back to their specific spot. This will de-clutter the counter tops and you will remember where your items are
when it's time to use them again.
Art Studio/ Inspiration Board
Utilize wall space. As seen here, I built a custom framed pegboard to hang my "works in progress" as well as some of my framed watercolor art paintings.
Art Studio/ Inspiration Board
I love the Pottery Barn daily system which keeps me on track. The magnetic/ dry erase board calendar is my favorite piece.
daily system
Here it is in my studio.
Laura <span class=
Beautiful Home Living: Pegboards and Bulletin Boards
Check out this great video from BHG.com for more tips!

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