Fashion Photography by Andreas Kock

Photography, conceptual visuals, fashion and, not least, women soon took overhand. As a photographer, Andreas Kock instantly developed his own trademark idiom, based on qualities such as high energy, rich color and intense interaction with his models, with the rare capacity of creating images with ”stopping power” and sometimes an element of provocation. Andreas stages both his individual images and his fashion stories very carefully, meticulous in every detail, always based on a strong conceptual idea, often inspired by art, cinematography, sex and by women in themselves. Chinese film, and director Wong Kar-Wai in particular, are among his most important references. Of photographer colleagues, Andreas is an admirer of classic master Richard Avedon and of Philip-Lorca diCorcia, the great trendsetter of the late nineties. As his style of direction is highly personal, Andreas prefers to work with the same models over longer periods of time. Recently, Andreas Kock has worked extensively with high profile editorials for magazines such as Russian Vogue, Arena, Bon, Plaza, Glamour, Tush and NK Stil, and commercially for brands the likes of Åhlens, JC, Don Donna, H&M, Kia Motors, MQ and Saab.