Photography by Sander Meisner

Sander Meisner is a self-taught photographer living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
While he searches for beauty in the melancholy and desolation of overpasses, construction- and industrial areas he creates a certain tension by photographing these places from an unexpected angle, venturing out into the city discovering colorful beauty in the desolate corners of the gray man made structures.

Registration or the level of control over light through a lens is just the method. To truly get to the value of photography, Sander tries to do more than just capture reality, he tries to alter it, transform it. He tries to control the frame in such a way it generates an angle that enables him to construct new mindsets, new insights and identities.
Sander exposes the sleeping infrastructure of the urban environment and turns these usually overlooked corners into objects of desire. The lack of light and extremely long exposure of the photographic film add a secondary effect; any interaction of human movement becomes totally invisible. His pictures have an almost soothing sense of solitude.